What is a Naturopathic Doula?

Doulas are specifically trained to provide physical, emotional, and educational support to the woman and her partner during pregnancy, labour, delivery and postpartum.

Dr. Emily Casey, ND and Dr. Samina Mitha, ND  are naturopathic doctors and doulas with the goal of supporting you and your partner in having the positive birth experience you desire! We believe in empowering you to have trust in your mind and body and to feel confident in creating a birth plan that meets your wants and needs.


Research has shown that having the support of a doula throughout your pregnancy and labour is beneficial to reduce the duration of labour, the use of medication, and the likelihood of a cesarean birth and complications throughout pregnancy and birth.


Naturopathic doulas have the combined skills of a doula and a naturopathic doctor, which includes over 5000 hours of medical training and a comprehensive knowledge of natural therapies such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy and clinical nutrition.

Emily Casey ND - naturopath Toronto - doula services

Benefits to Mother and Partner

  • Reduction in the use of medical inductions
  • Decreased use of interventions during labour
  • Higher satisfaction of labour experience
Emily Casey ND - naturopath Toronto - doula services

Benefits to Baby

  • Less likely to have a low birth weight
  • Less likely to experience birth complications
  • Improved breastfeeding rates
A skilled doula empowers a woman to communicate her needs and perceptions and actualize her dream of a healthy, positive birth experience.

Naturopathic Doula Services

Meet and Greet

15-30 minutes

The meet and greet is an opportunity for you to meet Emily and Samina, learn about our birth philosophy, the services we offer, and the benefits of working with naturopathic doulas. There is no obligation to use our services at this point. We understand that inviting us to be part of your birth experience is a big decision and we want to make sure we are the best fit for each other before making the commitment.

Initial Appointment

1 hour in your first or second trimester

We will take the time to discuss your overall health, including your sleep, mood, stress levels, energy, and any concerns you might be experiencing. We will address concerns and questions from you and your partner and discuss your birth preferences.


You will receive: 

  • Advice and resources to help you create a birth plan
  • Nutrition recommendations to support your health and your baby’s health throughout your pregnancy
  • Supplement and herb recommendations for general health and any specific symptoms you are experiencing


This appointment will take place in-office with your primary doula. All information will be shared with the back up doula.

Second Appointment

1-1.5 hours at 33-36 weeks of pregnancy

At this appointment, we will review your birth plan in detail. We will also discuss the procedures and outcomes that might occur during labour and delivery to ensure you feel confident and prepared for the possible scenarios.


You will receive: 

  • Advice, resources and recommendations for labour and delivery, including pain management, proper pushing technique, nutrition during labour, and naturopathic treatments that can be used during labour.
  • Advice, resources and recommendations for the postpartum period, including breastfeeding support, nutrition, recovery plan, and infant health.


This appointment can take place either in-office or at your home. We recommend a home visit if you are planning a home birth. All information will be shared with the back up doula.

Optional Additional Care: 

  • Acupuncture: to help with preparing the reproductive organs for labour and delivery. Ensures labour occurs when the body is ready and decreases the likelihood of going far past the due date.
  • Turning Breech Babies: herbs, acupuncture, homeopathic remedies, and position recommendations are some of the possible options to help turn baby.

Labour and Delivery

Your doula will arrive at your home or the hospital when your labour has begun and you are ready for our assistance. Support throughout labour and delivery will be provided based on your birth plan.


You will receive: 

  • 24 hour/day on-call support around your due date via phone/email.
  • Ongoing physical presence, emotional support and encouragement.
  • Pain management using acupuncture/acupressure, massage, homeopathic remedies, labour positions and physical support to help you manage the sensations you experience throughout your labour and birth.
  • Cooperation with your healthcare team and family to provide the best possible support.
  • Immediately after the birth, you will receive breastfeeding advice and any other assistance you require.

Postpartum Appointment

1-1.5 hours within 1-2 weeks of your birth

We will discuss your birth experience and review any questions or concerns that you have for us. We will also offer advice and resources to help with improving postpartum recovery.


You will receive: 

  • Recommendations for postpartum healing, including supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies, and nutrition advice.
  • Breastfeeding advice and troubleshooting.
  • Newborn care.


This appointment will take place at your home for your convenience with your primary doula. All information will be shared with the back up doula.

Your Doula Team

Dr. Emily Casey, ND

To learn more about Dr. Emily Casey, ND, read about her Toronto naturopath practice.

Our main goal is to support you and your partner in the best way that we can! We aim to work cooperatively with members of your healthcare team. Our goal is to provide you with accurate, unbiased information and education on conventional and natural therapies. Ultimately, we want to support you in this time in every way that we can so that you have the most comfortable, pleasurable and supportive experience!


Combined we have supported women throughout many different birthing experiences. We have attended both home and hospital births, worked with midwives and obstetricians, and supported women after medical induction, with epidural management, and with natural births.


PLEASE NOTE: One of us will be your primary doula and will attend your birth and the other person will be your back up doula in case your primary doula is unavailable at the time of your birth. All prenatal and postpartum visits will be with your primary doula.

Dr. Samina Mitha, ND

To learn more about Dr. Samina Mitha, ND, visit her website.

To learn more about pricing, please contact me at questions@emilycaseynd.com